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The team at D C Williamson Ltd. have a depth of knowledge, expertise in processing and packing great quality fruit with full traceability. D C Williamson Ltd is also able to manufacture superior tasting Juices and Purees to customers’ requirements.


D C Williamson Ltd is able to offer frozen and chilled fruit storage. With robust stock control systems and monitored temperature control, to assure customers that the quality of their products will be maintained.

IQF (Individually Quick Frozen)

Fruit harvested or received from approved growers is frozen within 12 hours, to seal in and maintain the fruits natural goodness. The following products are available from Garnish to Industrial grade:-

Strawberry • Raspberry • Blackberry • Blackcurrant • Redcurrant Gooseberry • 13mm Cut Rhubarb • Victoria Plum • Damson

Other products may be available seasonally.

D C Williamson Ltd IQF range is available in the following formats:-

300-400g Heat Sealed or lideed punnets.

10 x 1kg food contact bags, in a 10kg case.

4 x 2.5kg food contact bags, in a 10kg case.

10-12.5kg case.

Bee - Polination
Fresh Raspberries

Cold Pressing NFC (not from concentrate) Juices and Puree

D C Williamson is able to offer cold processed juices and purees. Offering customers a range of filteration options on juices, and differing screen sizes on purees. Available formats:-

15-18kg Food contact and freezer grade Pails and tamper proof Lids

Double lined 200 litre Drums

Contract pressing also available.

Pasteurised and Aseptically packed Juices & Purees

D C Williamson Ltd is able to offer a range pasteurised and aseptically packed products by way of the onsite Pasteuriser. The plant pasteurises the juice or puree and then fills by way of an aseptic filler into pre-sterilised bags. The aseptic bag and 16mm Intacept closure is then internally thermally sealed, which controls the microbiological loading and provides increased shelf life offering customers greater flexibility in terms of storage and distribution.

Sedex Food Standards BRC LEAF M&S Berry Gardens

D C Williamson Ltd

It is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development
Clarified Fruit Juice Processing Line: to purchase a fruit juice processing line to increase productivity and yield.
New Freezer Units: to purchase and install 4 new independent refrigeration units to improve energy efficiency and increase freezing capacity.
Rhubarb Processing Line: to purchase a new rhubarb slicing machine and conveyor to increase productivity.